Hello and welcome to H2 Orthodontics! I may be one of the first people you meet on your journey to a healthier smile. During your initial visit we’ll review treatment options, discuss financials, and get everything arranged for the beginning of your journey to a new smile! I also handle the business side of our practice: working with accounts payable and receivable, coordinating special projects, marketing, and whatever else needs to be done. I know you will love getting to know Dr. Han and our team: we are excited to be part of your journey and look forward to seeing that beautiful new smile of yours!

I love my family! My husband Mark and I were married in 1998, and in 2010 our son Carter completed our family. We are very involved in classic cars: We spend a lot of time at local car shows and often travel to attend shows outside of Montana. Carter attended his first car show when he was two months old, in his own custom-built car stroller, and now he works in the shop with dad building cars! He also hosts an annual car-themed toys-for-kids drive. Beyond classic cars, I also enjoy skiing and time on the lake, dinners with family and friends, and traveling.



Welcome! I look forward to meeting you at your very first appointment with us. I assist Dr. Han with your initial treatment plan and help coordinate the first steps toward your new beautiful smile! Our team is full of laughter and fun! I know that you are going to enjoy your journey with us as your new smile unfolds.

I have lived in the Flathead Valley since 2002. I have been blessed with three beautiful children: two boys and my little girl. I love spending time with them going to events around the valley, adventuring outdoors, camping and going to the lake, and of course sledding in the winter! I also enjoy planting flowers, soaking up the sun while reading a great book, and crafting.



Hello and welcome! I am here to make sure everything is ready to go as you start treatment. I look forward to learning who you are and watching your beautiful smile appear! Everyone at H2 Orthodontics is amazing, authentic, and compassionate. We really care about you and are excited to see where you take your new smile!

I was raised in eastern Montana, lived in Missoula where I worked as a physical therapy assistant, and then spent ten years operating SEABA, a backcountry skiing company, in Haines, Alaska, with my husband. We now live in Whitefish with our beautiful daughter and adorable American Bulldog. I love to run, hike, camp, boat, enjoy all snow sports, and pretty much anything outside, especially with family and friends.



Hello there! As our financial coordinator, I will be happy to help you with insurance and any financial questions you have. I try my best to bring fun and enthusiasm to everything I do! It’s a joy to come to work every day and be a part of this treatment team. I love being a part of a practice that strives to put the patients first and makes the orthodontic process enjoyable.

At home, I have a husband, two sons, three dogs, two ferrets, and a cat. We are a busy family that loves traveling, camping, swimming, basketball, and movies.



Hello, and welcome to H2 Orthodontics! As part of our front office team, I’ll be happy to help you schedule and reschedule your appointments. I love being a part of our patients’ smiles, and I want to help you have an awesome experience at our office! I think you’ll love it here—I do! Everyone is friendly and willing to lend a helping hand.

I have lived in Montana since 2006 and have three children. We love swimming and catching bugs. I love to be spontaneous and go camping and fishing!



My smile is one of the first things to welcome our patients into the office. I love that I get to prep so many of our new patients for their exams with our treatment coordinators by verifying their information and insurance, and scheduling appointments. I enjoy seeing all the smiling faces of our patients and helping assist them with their orthodontic treatment. I feel very lucky to work with such a wonderful, positive, supportive, and happy team.

I am blessed with a wonderful, amazing little boy who keeps my heart happy and very busy. We enjoy lots of new adventures and being outdoors when we can. I am also in a great relationship that is making life very full and happy. I love new experiences, traveling, being in the sun, and coffee is a must!



Hi and welcome! You’ll meet me in the clinic, where I assist Dr. Han with procedures and provide patient care. I also work in our lab to craft various appliances used to create your new smile. H2 Orthodontics offers a fun, energetic, and talented team that loves helping people love their smiles!

I love spending my free time outdoors, whether I’m camping, hiking, dirt biking, or horseback riding. I don’t have a family of my own, but I have perfect nephews I love dearly!



Welcome! I assist Dr. Han with Invisalign® and bracket placement, and take digital scans, X-rays, and other records as needed. My favorite moment is when I’m assisting the doctor as he removes braces and that beautiful smile is revealed. I am happy to work with a professional, compassionate team that creates amazing smiles for our friends!

I’ve lived in the Flathead Valley since 1977. My husband I have three grown children and four grandchildren. I love quilting and knitting in my spare time. I also love camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, and downhill skiing. Really, what’s not to love in the great northwest?



Hi! I work in the clinic where I assist Dr. Han with placing braces and Invisalign, adjustments, changing wires and ties, and taking records using our new digital scanner. I look forward to seeing your smile become brighter and happier during treatment and celebrating all you achieve! We are a warm and friendly group of people and we are all excited to help you develop a smile you love!

I have lived in the Flathead Valley for 20 years. My husband and I have three children and one awesome grandson. We enjoy camping, fishing, visiting family and friends, and church activities. I also enjoy having a good book to read and knitting/crochet projects to craft.



Welcome to H2 Orthodontics! We’ll meet in the clinic, where I am lucky to assist Dr. Han chairside while he creates your new smile. I also make retainers and take initial and final records. I love working with a doctor and team that feels like family and helping people achieve their most beautiful, confident smiles!

My family and I moved to the valley in 2016. We enjoy all the beautiful seasons and all the outdoor activities the area offers. My children are very active in different sports, so we’re kept busy throughout the year.



Hi! I wear two hats at H2 Orthodontics, so you’ll sometimes see me in the front office, where I work on marketing and recalls. At other times I’m in the clinic, assisting Dr. Han and fellow clinicians with patient care, as well as scanning and taking records. I love working with a great crew and making people more confident with their smiles!

I love all that beautiful northwest Montana has to offer. Outside of my work here, I am also a photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. In my spare time, I enjoy snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, hiking, and everything else in the outdoors. I get to enjoy those activities with the greatest adventure partner ever: my dog Montana.



Hi and welcome! We’ll likely meet in the clinic, while I will assist Dr. Han as he creates a beautiful new smile for you. I look forward to learning who you are and sharing some laughs as your new smile appears. Everyone at H2 Orthodontics is a professional; we’re also friendly and love building confidence while changing smiles!

My husband Kasey and I have been married for several years and we have a son, Karter. Our family moved to Kalispell from Missoula in 2018. We love being outside with our two dogs, as well as time with family and friends.



Welcome to H2 Orthodontics! As a lab technician, I will help with your digital X-rays, photos, and digital impression. I also help prepare indirect bonding trays, Invisalign®, and all kinds of retainers. I enjoy being part of a positive team that changes lives by changing smiles, and I’m looking forward to helping you achieve a great smile!

In my free time, you’ll find me working on the farm with my hubby and taking care of all our animals. I have a young daughter who’s my pride and joy. We love time together, barrel racing on weekends, and enjoying the summer with family: camping, boating, and soaking up the sun.



Hi! I’m Bailey, a hygienist, and I remove brackets, Invisalign® attachments, and adhesives when you’re finished with treatment. This leaves your teeth smooth and clean and your smile looking incredible! I love de-band day: seeing all the amazing new smiles and celebrating with our patients, our incredible team, and Dr. Han. We’ve all worked together to create that beautiful smile!

Born and raised in Kalispell, I’m married to Luke, a wonderful Montana man, and we have a Chocolate Lab, Copper. We love everything Montana offers: hunting, fishing, camping, and skiing, and we spend as much time on the lake as possible.



Welcome to H2 Orthodontics! We’ll meet during treatment to review oral hygiene and make sure your mouth stays healthy during braces and for years to come. I also remove brackets and orthodontic cement and clean and polish teeth after treatment, so your smile looks incredible! I love working in a positive, exciting practice with a doctor and team that are all about changing people’s lives for the better!

My husband Fred and I have two wonderful children, Peyton and Katie, and a Goldendoodle, Harley. We are blessed to live in the Flathead Valley, where we’re surrounded by family! In the summer we can be found camping, swimming, hiking, and helping on the family farm. Winter means sledding, skating, skiing, and watching movies together.
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